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YouTube is an amazing tool to share the information about local foods. My YouTube has done pretty well making videos in English and Tamil. Here is a funny video in Tamil, about making Butterfly Pea Juice.

If you don’t understand Tamil, don’t worry, you’ll get the gist.

Radha's Consciousness Juice or Blue Tea

At Solitude Farm, we use the exquisite blue flowers of the plant daily.  To make a simple delicious juice - harvest the flowers, immerse them in boiling water and then turn off the heat. Let them steep for five minutes. You will see the water turn blue. Add lemon and a sweetener (if desired) and your juice is ready. When lemon is added, there is an interesting chemical reaction, and the acid in the lemon turns the blue juice instantaneously to a gorgeous violet colour!  You can enjoy this juice hot or cold.  When drunk, it is very cooling for the body in the hot summer months. 

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