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Why bother a cow when you can get milk from a tree! That’s right, we are talking about coconuts. In Solitude we are craaazy about our coconut milk and the coffee that we make with it. It’s absolutely delicious, healthy and refreshing. A King’s coffee is what we call it!

coconut milk latte

Making it is damn simple.

1. Break open ripened coconuts - the ones with fibrous brown shell with sweet water inside and scoop out the thick, delicious flesh.

2. Grate the flesh manually and add it to your blender with 1 cup of regular or coconut water

3. Spin, Spin, Spin and strain through a sieve. Your coconut milk is ready! It’s just that simple!

4. Now boil some coffee in water in a separate container and pour it in a tumbler

5. To that add your fresh coconut milk and some crushed jaggery

6. Mix, mix, mix and your frothy, vegan, delicious King’s coffee is ready

And if you’re still not convinced of its deliciousness, catch hold of Krishna at the café and he’ll make some for you! When do we see you?


grating coconut

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