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The food that grows around us is a gift of Mother Nature and lies at the foundation of our existence.

The knowledge of how to use these gifts is our cultural identity. Local foods are a solution to every problem that man has brought about on this planet, they are the antithesis of the vast industrialisation that erodes our well being. Local foods bring us back to our most basic need: food! Valuing these local foods at Solitude Farm cafe has facilitated an emerging understanding of this vast treasure trove of nutrition that has now become the cornerstone of what Solitude Farm stands for – honouring the gifts of Mother Nature.

Our daily inspirational blog: ” 365 days, a road back to Nature”, shares local food recipes, ayurvedic benefits, seed saving methods, DIY natural cosmetics and handmade soaps, waste water recycling techniques, growing and consuming edible weeds and the importance of community in the context of urban gardening and education. If you can’t get to the farm to experience our food directly, then empower yourself with “365” to start growing and making these foods yourself!

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YouTube is an amazing tool to share the information about local foods. My YouTube has done pretty well making videos in English and Tamil. Here is a funny video in Tamil, about making Butterfly Pea Juice.

If you don’t understand Tamil, don’t worry, you’ll get the gist.

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